Vytl is a single use wireless body thermometer that continuously monitors body temperature for 72 hours on its app.


More than 500 million people get the flu every year. 44% of them overdose on flu medication. Most parents do not know when the right time is to seek hospital care. Constant temperature checks and calls with their family physician make the process stressful. Vytl was designed to improve the process of monitoring the flu.


The story and experience of Vytl is built upon the trust of a consumer medical product and offering a smart and simple wearable product. From this we created the story of Honest and Tangible. We designed the patch to be made of silicone to make it tangible. We made the patch partially transparent where one would press the button to activate the patch just hinting that there is technology underneath to fulfill the honest aspect.


The Vytl patch uses medical-grade sensors that provide precise information. Vytl has a soft silicone top and stretch adhesive backing to ensure comfort when worn.


Once activated, the Vytl patch instantly communicates with the Vytl app, collecting valuable insights to share with doctors and help make informed decisions. Receive instant notifications when you need to take action.