whistle 3


Better, faster, smaller.
We partnered with Whistle to make their next generation pet GPS and activity tracking device better than its predecessor. The device is faster and has more accurate location tracking thanks to packing in GPS, Bluetooth, and cellular signals. The waterproof device is reduced in size to 50 percent smaller than the previous Whistle GPS so it is more suitable for smaller pets.


The goal for the design was to make the device secure, unobtrusive, and durable enough to withstand whatever an adventurous pet brings forth.


Through sketches and quick models we explored what the device could be and how to secure it to our pets.


We also created a brand experience to capture the free spirit and adventurousness of pets. A simple sketch went a long way to capturing the emotions we set out to create.


The result is a cohesive story and brand experience from product to packaging. With a smaller device and upgraded app Whistle 3 is set to expand Whistle's share of the pet tracking market.


select photography: nat & cody